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About Us

Located in Demorest, Georgia, CD, II Properties, LLC is a full service real estate company owning and managing various residential and commercial properties in the southeast. Established in 1993, it was the original goal of founder Charles (Chad) Daniel, II to provide affordable housing to hard –working people in Habersham County and the surrounding area, as well as provide great, well- located commercial and retail buildings to help small businesses grow. With the help of his mentor Dr. Len Dalton, a teacher at Habersham Central High School, Chad was able to purchase his first home at the age of 18. Mr. Alton Wingate of Community Bank and Trust took a chance on the young upstart and provided a loan to purchase the home. This is when Chad’s entrepreneurial interests started to take shape.

From those humble beginnings CD, II Properties, LLC has grown into a major real estate enterprise owning 34 properties across Georgia and the Carolinas. Many of CD, II Properties, LLC clients are well-known brand names including Emory Health Care, Verizon, Sherwin Williams, Dollar General, Smoothie King, Dollar Tree, and Aspen Dental. Vision Works, Metro PCS, Huddle House, and The Vitamin Shop. CD, II Properties, LLC also supports many local suppliers, such as Ace Hardware and R Perry Construction. CD, II Properties, LLC will continue to be committed to supporting local businesses throughout the community by having established long-term relationships, fair dealings, and showing loyalty to those that share the same values their business was founded on.

However, success did not come easy and many obstacles arose, especially during the great recession in 2008-2009. CD, II Properties, LLC and Chad, himself, unfortunately acquired over 10 million dollar’s worth of debt at this time. Just like most people, they had to rethink, react creatively, and come up with some innovative solutions to the hardships they were facing. Their main focus was taking care of their clients, employees, lenders, and paying on all the loans they had. They tighten their belts, pinched every penny, and cut unnecessary costs to keep the business from failure. With some great financial planning, they did just that! The lenders of CD, II Properties, LLC gained trust in this company to finance more properties in the future because of their commitment to pay back each loan during this difficult time.

Moving forward, CD, II Properties, LLC’s strategy will be to continue investment along the I-85 corridor between Atlanta and Charlotte focusing on multi-family, retail, and medical facilities in a price range between $3 million to $15 million. To achieve this strategy CD, II Properties, LLC will continue to do what it does best, underwrite, and purchase properties in a short timeframe. As a privately owned company with a sole managing member, CD, II Properties, LLC can conduct due diligence and make purchase decisions in less time versus the average larger firm. Typical due diligence and closing takes about 75 days.

CD, II Properties, LLC has always been known for being aggressive and entrepreneurial and will continue to do so. CD, II Properties, LLC is excited about the future and looks forward in expanding into more real estate opportunities, while building long-term relationships. They are pleased to have played and continue to be part in the growth and development of Habersham County and surrounding areas.

CD, II Properties, LLC supports local suppliers, such as Ace Hardware. The owner, Matt Colston, has been a reliable resource for the multitude of projects that CD, II Properties, LLC has conducted.

Dr. Cendie Crawley D.M.D Family Dentistry will be celebrating her 20 year anniversary in April 2022. Dr. Crawley was CD, II Properties, LLC first commercial tenant and has been in the same location. We can’t thank her enough for being such a great and dedicated tenant.

CD, II Properties, LLC is looking forward in celebrating the next 20 years. Thank you again, Dr. Cendie Crawley D.M.D.

Pictured above is Chad Daniel and Laurie McCalla. Chad is the Managing Member of CD, II Properties, LLC. Laurie and her husband Bill are the owners of the The Insurance Group, which is a local insurance business that has done exceptionally well in Habersham County. With The Insurance Group renting from CD, II Properties, LLC for over 12 years, they have been able to expanded their business to where they were able to purchase their own building. CD, II Properties, LLC is honored and committed to helping small businesses flourish.

CD II, Properties, LLC is very grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Raven Talati, MD and his team with My Family Doctor. It was a pleasure to be able to get to know Dr. Talati and his team over the 6+ years that My Family Doctor leased a space from us in Demorest. We wish you a very happy and a prosperous future in your new location and thank you for being such great tenants. CD II, Properties wouldn’t be here without loyal tenants like you.⁓ Chad Daniel

Pictured is Chad Daniel with Ronnie Perry. Ronnie is the son of the Late Earnest Perry. The Daniel and Perry families have been working together for more than 50 years providing exceptional quality work to all of its customers. Such a long-lasting relationship shows CD, II Properties, LLC commitment to fair dealings and loyalty to businesses that share the same values as us.

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